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We Stand Behind Our Work!!

As professional tax preparers we know our stuff and are held to the standards outlined by the Internal Revenue Service.  We ask more of the right questions to find the credits and deductions you deserve and that others miss.


Designed to Make

Your Tax Prep Experience Mistake

and Worry Free!

Designed to provide Exceptional Bookkeeping Services for Your Company

We'll Get You The Maximum Refund

We'll Help You and Your Company Understand the Process through Education

Are You Ready for Tax Season?

If You Need Assistance, Just Give Us A Call!!

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Individual Taxes
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That's right!  Pay NOTHING today!  Let's get you the maximum refund you deserve!  Our process is quick and easy!! 

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Easy Disbursement Options

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After IRS processing, refunds can be loaded directly to a Walmart MoneyCard.  It's the fastest and easiest way to receive your refund.  

  • You save $10 on the Refund Transfer once your refund is loaded on a Walmart MoneyCard**

  • You will be notified by email the moment your refund is loaded on your card

  • Use everywhere Visa debit is accepted 

  • Funds accessible as soon as they are loaded 

  • You can get cash off your card for free at Walmart MoneyCenters and Customer Service Desks

  • Easy to use mobile app - slide for balance, view account activity, find ATMs and more

You Can Also Earn Up to $75 Cash Back


Direct Deposit

Both federal and state refunds can be deposited directly into your personal checking or savings bank account.  

Immediate Printed Check

No more waiting for your check to arrive from the IRS.  We can instantly and securely print your refund check right here in our office.  

Get Ready for Tax Season 

Take a listen to our podcast, "In the Studio with Shannon", as we are discussing how to properly prepare for tax season. 

Get Ready for Tax Season
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